What is Skills Training?

Skills Training can be used for individuals or families. It is designed to help the client(s) develop psychosocial skills that are medically necessary to help the child reach an age-appropriate developmental level. Skills training may also be used to help youth self-monitor, cope with, or replace negative skills acquired during the course of an emotional illness. Skills Training will consist of up to 6 hours per week of services as needed to reach the goals of the treatment plan.

Individual & Family Skills Training

Individual & Family Skills are an intricate service that aids each child in meeting the goals that are stated in their individual treatment plan. This service is provided in the client’s home or other community based setting. Creating a safe and confidential therapeutic environment will be the first and foremost goal of individual life skills. Once a safe and trusting setting is created, individual life skills will begin to address the mental health concerns unique to each child.

Skills Training is meant to teach children and families identified skills to reduce current mental health and behavioral symptoms as well as negative life circumstances. These skills are individualized and focus on addressing your child’s and family’s specific mental health needs.


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CALL TODAY: 952.835.6540