“I am struggling with how my life is going, and I’d like to talk with someone about it.”
The initial phone call can be intimidating and overwhelming. Here are some answers to common questions, hopefully this will help to make the call go as smoothly as possible.
Allow 5 to 10 minutes for call.
Have your insurance info ready.
Know what dates you are available for an appointment.
We have interpreters for all languages. Please let us know and we can have an interpreter on site for your session.
We’ll help guide you to the right staff that will help you reach your goals.
Arrange to have the call with POR staff in private space so that you are free to talk openly.
Please come about 20 min prior to first appointment to complete all your intake paperwork. Remember to bring your insurance.

A parent or legal guardian must attend the first session with the child.
Feel free to bring questions to your therapist regarding their background and/or the process of therapy.

Be prepared to discuss your situation open and honestly with your therapist.
Feeling anxious or nervous about your first appointment is normal and is something you can talk about with your therapist.

The Diagnostic Assessment (DA) is an interview that will last about 60 to 90 minutes. Prior to the DA appointment, you will be sent a packet of information that includes a questionnaire that you will need to complete. During the interview, POR staff will discuss with you your emotional wellness history, current situation and your goals for the future. As part of the interview, POR staff may ask questions that seem to be intrusive and personal. The questions are asked so that your situation can be better understood by the staff that are going to be providing the therapy. At the end of the process a report will be written and shared with you. You have a voice in the process and are encouraged to read the report and discuss it with POR staff.
If you have had or currently have therapy, have been hospitalized or have had a prior evaluation, please bring the name of therapist, agency & contact information. A copy of the evaluation would be appreciated as well.
POR stands for POWER OF RELATIONSHIPS! Our belief is the sum of our mission. All things are achievable with strong relationships! You will build a strong relationship with your staff. It is the key to success, a strong, positive relationship with your staff.

We use an integrated, wrap around approach to services so that an individual, couple or family can have access to all of our services to enhance their success towards life goals.

Individualized, creative interventions. There are no “cookie cutter” programs or services. Each service in individually tailored to meet your needs in a manner that best fits you!

POR Interiors


CALL TODAY: 952.835.6540
CALL TODAY: 952.835.6540