In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends~MLK

The recent events in our Twin Cities have shown a spotlight on injustices that have been occurring for people of color for hundreds of years.  Systematic Racism has been a part of the culture of the USA from its creation. This culture can no longer be accepted. The administration of POR STANDS united with people of color in this amazing time of change.  POR will always share its voice and influence to be a part of positive change in our community.  POR will always approach our work with children and families with a strong commitment to empathy and love.  POR will continue to work to raise awareness in the community about supporting people of color through helping people to achieve their best self, to work through past trauma and to learn to love themselves and others.

POR ownership has always been aware of their own ignorances related to race.  As a result, we have built a staff that embraces diversity, celebrates our differences in skin color, culture and religion so that we can grow together with empathy and love. By acknowledging our ignorance we can open our minds and hearts to learning!

P.O.R. It stands for POWER OR RELATIONSHIPS!  This is what we believe in at POR. We firmly believe that it is through our relationships that we build love into our lives..