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Mental Health Case Management

Often families with children experiencing severe emotional disturbances (SED) need a variety of services to support the child’s social and emotional functioning in the home and community. Case Management can HELP!

What is Case Management?

Case Management can help families plan for, access and maintain needed community based services. POR Emotional Wellness case managers work together with families to develop a individualized care plan that addresses all of the identified needs of the child and family. Staff will assist the family with accessing and coordinating needed services such as; mental health, social skills, educational support, physical health, vocational and recreational assistance. Our case managers assist families to advocate on behalf of the child’s needs and coordinate care across multiple providers.

Who is Case Management for?

POR Emotional Wellness serves children ages 3-18 years of age. Each child must have a current diagnosis that has been completed within the past 6 months. If there’s not a recent diagnosis, POR staff can help complete the process.

Where are the services provided?

Services are provided in Hennepin County only and therefore only open to residents of Hennepin County.

How do we pay for Case Management?

Payment is made through Medical Assistance plans including PMAP. We are also able to provide services for under and uninsured Hennepin County residents. There is never a charge for families.

How do I begin Services?

For more information or to schedule an intake appointment call 952-835-6540.


CALL TODAY: 952.835.6540
CALL TODAY: 952.835.6540