Assessment and Referral for Anger Related Issues

Anger is one of the most universal and intense emotions. Although feeling anger is normal and part of being a human being, it is a powerful emotion that can result in health problems, loss of important relationships, crimes and destruction. Therefore, it is important to express our anger in a way that is not destructive to ourselves or others. Anger is not necessarily good or bad, rather a part of the normal range of human emotions. A person’s method of handling anger can significantly affect all aspects of their life. Some people may hold anger inside and feel tired or depressed, others may need to do something physical, such as hit a wall, while others might talk it out and express it. There are many ways to express anger. When such ways become destructive, it is a good time to consider making changes in the way we deal with our anger.

P.O.R. Emotional Wellness offers an assessment for people who are struggling with anger related issues. The assessment process is comprised of three scheduled meetings with a therapist. The initial meeting/intake will be to gather background information and discuss reason for referral. The second meeting will be a thorough diagnostic interview. The information will be compiled into a report. On the third session, the therapist will provide a copy of the report to the client and discuss recommendations and referrals. If ongoing therapy is recommended, we can provide this service at our office
We have found that individuals seek out services for a variety of reasons. Some of the benefits of working with a therapist on anger related issues include the following:

  • Changing unhealthy anger into effective and acceptable behaviors – improving life and relationship satisfaction.
  • Uncovering and dealing with the underlying negative emotions that drive anger.
  • Identifying and applying techniques which defuse triggers for anger.
  • Learning healthy ways of expressing anger through communication, empathy and problem-solving.
  • Consistently managing anger through effective, practical skills and forgiveness.
  • Exploring and altering cognitive distortions and false beliefs into constructive thinking and positive self-talk.
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CALL TODAY: 952.835.6540